Build the
public support
necessary for our
students to seize
their own futures


Focus on what your
students are doing
in the classroom…
and beyond


Put the

Where's Dr. Kubik?

Sims Fayola Academy in Denver, 4 APR 14
WLS at Hawaii Preparatory Academy, 18 APR 14
Chicago for BIE Summit, 21-23 APR 14
New Mexico Center for School Leadership, 24-25 APR 14
OACTS in Columbus, OH 30 APR-2 MAY 14
OACTS in Columbus OH 7-9 MAY 14
WLS at Hawaii Preparatory Academy 9-13 JUN 14
BIE PBL World! 22-27 JUN 14
Sundance WY for BIE , 27-29 MAY 14



Professional Services


“Continued focus on what teachers are doing in the classroom—and whether they’re doing it well—is the obsession of policy makers who want to hold teachers accountable for student results.  But if our focus is only on what teachers are doing in the classroom, we’ll never see those results.  If teachers are working harder than their students, who do you think is doing the real learning in the classroom?  If you’re an educator genuinely concerned about quality student work, your focus needs to be what your students are doing in the classroom…and beyond.  Your focus needs to be on building a culture of authentic, project-based learning.”

Kubik Perspectives, LLC offers a range of perspectives from work in over 14 states, but we remain sensitive to the importance of local conditions in any education reform initiative. We research your community and your needs.  We introduce a flexible implementation plan based on best practices.  You retain local control.

“Kubik Perspectives, LLC believes deeply in the importance of personal relationships, which means there is no substitute for face-to-face professional development as a school begins its journey to authentic project-based learning.  However, as a ‘ virtual firm,’ we’re equally comfortable working with web 2.0 based tools where on site travel is not always feasible, or where more than one perspective is needed.  A growing network of supportive consultants from other disciplines can be ready to help you with your revitalization efforts as they evolve.


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