Get Kubik Perspectives When…

o …your students seek problem or project-based challenges that connect to their worlds;

o …your faculty seek new approaches to understanding the worlds of their students;

o …your school is charting a new course to connect to the world;

o …your school seeks new resources to connect to the world;

o … your school community seeks to come together on a project that redefines its place in the world;

o …you seek to organize broad-based and dynamic community support;

o …or you just want to see the world of education differently!

Kubik Perspectives, LLC is sensitive to the importance of local conditions in any education reform initiative, and thus works with clients to develop a flexible implementation of services.  We research your needs and train best practices; you retain local control.  As a “virtual firm,” we’re equally comfortable working with web 2.0 based tools where on site travel is not always feasible, or where more than one perspective is needed.  A growing network of supporting consultants from other disciplines can be ready to help you with your reforms as they evolve.

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