Buzz for Dr. Kubik

Tim is the most client driven, deliberate collaborator I have ever worked with.
He is creative, honest, direct and product oriented. ACE Leadership High School would not be what it is without his partnership. If you want meaningful collaboration that will move the learning at your school in the right direction, he is the right partner. Tori Stephens-Shauger, ACE Leadership High School


Tim’s energy, passion and breadth of knowledge brought so much to our planning time. Our time with Tim was REAL professional development. We are intellectually revitalized and motivated to take our project ideas to the next level.” Ajoy Vase, William & Carol Ouchi School, Los Angeles


“Dr. Tim Kubik¬†redefines education not as in preparation for standards or externally defined outcomes but rather an engaging process of participation for students as full members of a community, co-owned and co-designed by students and adults.”¬†Yong Zhao, Foundation Distinguished Professor, School of Education at the University of Kansas