Ready or not: “Unprepared for What We Learned” Is Here!

Do professional educators ever feel like they have the time they need to prepare for teaching? Probably not. It’s February, and already I hear teachers bemoaning the lack of days before testing, or even the end of the school year. Those deadlines are months away, and yet many will feel that that they barely manage to be prepared for them.

Where learning is concerned, that’s probably okay! That’s why I hope you’ll check out “Unprepared for What We Learned: Six Action Research Exercises That Challenge the Ends We Imagine for Education” now available exclusively at Peter Lang Publishers.

This book tackles what I call the “preparatory mindset”—the notion that learners must be prepared before they can participate in society. Yes, there’s learning to do, but young and adult learners are doing it more and more without the preparations of we imagine they need. Indeed, more and more of our efforts at preparation are no longer sustainable because young and adult learners are learning more and more before we can prepare them.

Today’s learners grow by participating even when they are unprepared, and many of us are unprepared for that. If you want to know that that looks like, admit that you’re “unprepared for what you need to learn” and participate in the six action research exercises this book has to offer. I look forward to adding your voice to the conversation!

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